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Educational campuses from K-12 to colleges and universities are constantly changing and are challenged to look for new ways to maximize and re-purpose their valuable space. Whether it is finding efficient ways to store items in your library, athletic equipment rooms, campus security, laboratory, cafeteria/food service areas, maintenance rooms, or in administrative offices, AADS has a solution to meet your needs.

From high density mobile storage systems to computer security, to stationary shelving, our extensive array of storage products can meet your unique needs. Our staff of experts can help you find the right space saving solution that will maximize use of your space, increase operating efficiency and reduce operating costs.
AADS Office Solutions

Key Benefits

  • Improves your bottom line by freeing up valuable real estate for other uses, saving staff time, and deferring or eliminating costly moves and space expansion
  • Conserves space while increasing storage capacity
  • Meets a variety of storage requirements – can be customized to store virtually any type of items
  • Maximizes your valuable real estate by doubling your storage capacity in the same space or reduce space required by up to 50%
  • Increases operating efficiency through easy access and retrieval of stored products
  • Optimizes security of stored products with locking mechanisms

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