High Density Mobile Storage Systems

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AADS offers customized high density mobile shelving systems that maximize space and optimize efficiency. Also known as compact storage, rolling storage, rolling track systems, and space-saving storage, our high density mobile storage systems provide the highest storage capacity per square foot of any system available. Our experts can show you how to increase your storage capacity by 50% over other systems. No matter what industry or products you store, we can help find solutions to utilize your space more efficiently.

With conventional static storage systems, aisles consume valuable space. In contrast, movable shelving systems have aisles that open only when and where they are needed, allowing you to reclaim unused aisle space. In high density mobile systems, the shelving sits on carriages that move with the slightest touch. Carriages can be moved manually, with mechanical assistance or electronically. These carriages sit on tracks that are installed directly in the floor.

High density mobile solutions can be configured to meet any need. AADS offers a wide range of accessories that allow you to store virtually anything in these highly efficient systems.
AADS Office Solutions

Key Benefits

  • Maximizes your valuable real estate by doubling your storage capacity in the same space or reduce space required by up to 50%
  • Easily configured to store virtually any type of product or material such as boxes, books, art, weapons, evidence, equipment, pharmaceuticals, business files, and so much more
  • Increases operating efficiency through easy access to stored products
  • Optimizes security of stored products with locking mechanisms
  • Improves your bottom line by freeing up valuable real estate for other uses, saving staff time, and deferring or eliminating costly moves and space expansion
  • GSA pricing available

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