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Public safety entities face many unique challenges in protecting the public and keeping them safe. Efficient storage doesn't need to be one of those challenges. Whether it is a police or other law enforcement agency or security force storing evidence or weapons and ammunition, fire and rescue operations storing gear, crime labs and courthouses storing critical case files, or correctional facilities storing inmate property, AADS offers a wide range of public safety storage solutions to meet these needs.

AADS offers versatile storage options, including high density mobile, evidence lockers, or stationary shelving solutions that can be customized to store various sized items, paper files, evidence and equipment.

From high density mobile storage systems to computer security, to weapons storage, our extensive array of storage products can meet the unique needs of public safety organizations. Our staff of experts can help you find the right space saving solution that will maximize use of your space, increase operating efficiency and reduce operating costs.

AADS can help you organize your weapons, evidence, gear, supplies and equipment to be ready for quick deployment. We can even customize your storage system with your department's colors, insignia or emblem.
AADS Office Solutions

Key Benefits

  • Maximizes your valuable real estate by doubling your storage capacity in the same space or reduce space required by up to 50%
  • Provides organized storage for virtually any size or shaped items, such as evidence, weapons, equipment, case files, inmate files or personal effects, personnel files, and so much more
  • Increases operating efficiency through central organization, easy access and retrieval of stored products
  • Weapons storage offers maximum security without sacrificing immediate access by keeping weapons properly protected yet providing easy access to spot missing or damaged items
  • Optimizes security of stored products with locking mechanisms

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