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AADS offers evidence storage solutions to meet every need. Evidence storage systems can be designed to offer long or short term storage and provides a tamper proof secure way to store critical evidence in any condition. AADS understands that maintaining the integrity of evidence through the entire chain of custody is paramount. AADS provides a variety of options to ensure security and proper tamper-proof accommodation of valuable evidence. Evidence can be stored on high density mobile storage systems, lateral mobile systems, rotary cabinets, stationary shelving or in evidence lockers. Evidence storage systems can be configured to hold all types of evidence from paper to weapons.

Evidence lockers come with high security pass through and non-pass through options. Each unit can be configured with different compartments to meet specific storage requirements. Refrigerated evidence lockers are also available.
AADS Office Solutions

Key Benefits

  • Maximizes use of valuable space by doubling storage capacity in the same amount of space
  • Provides efficient storage and easy access and retrieval by authorized personnel
  • Maximizes security of evidence using various locking mechanisms
  • Configures easily to store all different types of evidence
  • GSA pricing available

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