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Military organizations have many unique requirements to keep our armed forces prepared and ready. Bases and facilities are constantly changing and commanders are charged with finding new and creative ways to save and re-purpose space. Whether it is storage of weapons in your armory or for security forces, storage of classified and non-classified parts and items, or storage of tactical gear and equipment to support critical missions, military hospital/healthcare supplies, AADS offers a wide range of military storage solutions to meet these needs.

From high density mobile storage systems to computer security, to weapons storage, our extensive array of storage products can meet the unique needs of our armed forces. Our staff of experts can help you find the right space saving solution that will maximize use of your space, increase operating efficiency and reduce operating costs.

AADS can help you organize your gear, supplies and equipment to be ready for quick deployment. We can even customize your storage system with your unit’s colors, insignia or emblem.
AADS Office Solutions

Key Benefits

  • Allows faster deployment, inventory control, and added security
  • Maximizes your valuable real estate by doubling your storage capacity in the same space or reduce space required by up to 50%
  • Saves money by freeing up valuable real estate for other uses, saving staff time, and deferring or eliminating costly moves and space expansion
  • Increases operating efficiency through central organization; easy access and retrieval of stored products
  • Provides secure weapons storage with added security features and locking devices, each customizable to the needs the department

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