Stationary (4 Post) Shelving Solutions

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Stationary shelving, also known as 4 post shelving, is one of the most commonly used products as it is a highly versatile, cost-effective way to store virtually anything. AADS stationary shelving units offer maximum strength and durability while simultaneously offering significant flexibility in configuration. AADS offers a wide variety of standard sizes, but can also create a custom solution to accommodate your unique storage requirements. A wide variety of accessories, including doors, backs, dividers, drawers, rollers, garment rods, bin dividers, and reference shelves, allow these units to be configured to store any type of item. Stationary shelving is available in a wide variety of widths, depths, and heights and is available as single entry or double entry units (meaning that users can access materials on one or both sides of the unit).

Stationary shelving can also provide secure storage by adding back panels, locking drawers, hinged or tambour doors.

4-Post shelving can also be used in conjunction with high density mobile storage systems.
AADS Office Solutions

Key Benefits

  • Saves money by being a very cost-effective, versatile solution
  • Installs easily; can ship fully assembled
  • Easily expands as your business grows
  • Optimizes security with added locking mechanisms
  • Matches any office décor with the wide variety of colors available
  • GSA pricing available

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